* These products can be obtained exclusively through the Griesser Team and our expert specialist retailers (window shutters only through expert specialist retailers).
Expert specialist retailers receive specific product training and provide you with the assurance that your installation will be carried out professionally.

About us


Griesser is a company with family values. Sustainable development means a lot to us. Our firm is an unwavering stakeholder in environmental protection and we are highly committed to combating climate change. We focus on three areas: designing highly energy-efficient solutions, offsetting our CO2 emissions and raising awareness among our employees.

Our partnership with myclimate

myclimate is an international initiative of Swiss origin that promotes climate protection and sustainable development worldwide. myclimate enables companies to offset their CO2 emissions through donations. These funds support projects with a high positive ecological, economic and social impact.

In partnership with myclimate, Griesser is committed to energy saving and assumes their share of responsibility in climate protection. We are proud to have already offset 28,712 tonnes of CO2 for projects that will ensure the future of our planet.

Solar protection, an energy-saving lever

As a manufacturer of high-end solutions, Griesser contributes to energy-efficient construction and housing. In addition to comfort and lighting management, the solar protection systems we design are a means of saving energy.

Each element of our products, including automation, insulation, technical fabric, and blade orientation, allows you to adapt to the external environment. You can maintain optimal indoor comfort while reducing the energy consumption of the building by up to 20%.

In fact, our external solar protection systems expel 90% of the heat. As a result, they lower the temperature inside rooms by several degrees. This prevents over-consumption of air conditioning in the summer, for example, and saves energy.

The commitment of our teams

While donations are a good way to support environmental protection, a sense of ecological values should also be experienced and transmitted within the company. That is why Griesser involves its employees and implements environmentally friendly initiatives. In addition to recycling and reducing waste, in 2018 we launched an energy challenge in which our apprentices were included. Our objective: to significantly reduce our ecological footprint.